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Lauren has deep empathy for clients experiencing heavy transitions, grief, and loneliness. She seeks to walk with clients while they navigate life's challenges and create safety for them to rediscover themselves and their passions. Lauren also helps clients who may be struggling with anxiety or depression learn new means of coping as they move toward healing and self-compassion. She believes it is a privilege to get to hear her clients' stories and is honored to be trusted in her role as counselor.

Additionally, Lauren is a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator and enjoys sitting with couples as they prepare themselves for life together.

While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Lauren realized her desire to help others grow and heal through counseling. Since graduating with her Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, she is excited to have the privilege of walking with clients as they move towards wholeness and learn more about their truest selves. Lauren is currently pursuing her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and is working under the supervision of AAMFT approved supervisor Amanda Grieme Bradley, license #724. Amanda can be reached at (615) 969-6945.

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